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Rear Differential and IRS  


Whenever the rear suspension cage is removed from the car, it's a good time to evaluate all of the mechanical bits that make up the wonderful piece of engineering called the independent rear suspension (IRS).

The rear brakes are probably the biggest maintenance area, and it's a good idea to thoroughly inspect the calipers for leakage. New brake pads (main and parking brake) are generally replaced at this time. It will never be easier to get to them than now!

Replacement of the rear rotors is also recommended if they are showing signs of wear.

This is also a good time to inspect the rear universal joints. There are four of them, two inner and two outer. If they are serviceable, we'll grease them now; else, we'll replace them if they're worn with high quality replacement U-joints.

We will inspect the four shocks for leakage, and replace as necessary.

Differential rebuild in-progress. Typical replacement items include: posi (limited slip) clutch plates and bearing seals. Bearings are replaced as necessary. Reassembly requires careful setup to prevent gear whine.

If the rear differential is leaking or making noise, Terry has a great deal of experience in doing a complete rebuild of that unit.

When the IRS is removed from the car, we take advantage of the rare access to the drive shaft and inspect the front and rear universal joints. At a minimum, we'll grease the drive shaft u-joints, or replace them if they've been run without grease and are worn.

Terry in the process of a complete rebuild of a Jaguar rear differential.
Terry in the process of a complete rebuild of a Jaguar rear differential.
Independent rear suspension (IRS) being removed from an E-Type.

This IRS has been completely rebuilt, includes new: shocks, universal joints, brake rotors, rear hub bearings and seals (as needed), lower fulcrum bushings/bearings. Also includes rebuilt brake calipers, new main brake pads, new parking brake pads.

Refurbished IRS being being readied for installation into an E-Type.
Close-up view of completed IRS shown at left.