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XK150 -> WillJ
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This 1961 XK150 Roadster is a left-hand drive car and is one of just 42 XK150 Roadsters that left the factory fitted with the dual-carbureted 3.8-liter engine.

The VIN (S832142DN) indicates that it was built very near the end of XK150 production in late 1960. The 'S' prefix indentifies it as a Special Equipment model which included standard wire wheels, overdrive transmission, fog lights, and twin exhaust.

The 'DN' suffix indicates a Laycock de Normanville overdrive was fitted.

        Initial condition of the car when it arrived at the shop.
Interior condition before restoration.   Engine compartment before restoration.   Metal repair begins on rear clip.
Rear wings removed.   Pulling the head...   ...head pulled.
Pulling the engine.       Bare engine compartment.
Bare engine compartment.   Tranny and sump.   Stripping the head, getting it ready for the trip to the machine shop.
Removing the pistons.   Old pistons removed.    
Media blasting the frame.   Underside of body shell during repair.   Painting the newly-stripped frame.